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Went Green, LOL! Or they took my Green.

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We have had my better 3/4s car for over 15 years and 140,000 miles. She (the car) was showing major signs of age even tho she looked great, sounds like ME! LOL! SO, I started looking at the Ford C-Max Hybrid last winter. Now that it has been out for nearly a year and a very small number of people saying anything neg, we bought. It drives like a sports car and has POWER. It is a plesant surprise. Milage is increditable. Paid our price as they agreed as we were getting out of the chairs and headed for the door. One feature that we wanted and the C-Max can deliever is it can be towed behind the Motorhome 4 down. No trailer or dolly is needed. Installing the base plates in a week. The shop who is going to do the work order parts yesterday. The entire NOSE has to be removed to install and a seperate light harness installed for the tow lights. Looking forward to taking it with us on our next USA trip. Of course we are still taking the Jeep CJ5 with us to Mexico this winter.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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You will love the mpg u get with a hybrid! I drive a Prius my wife and her dad have their own Prius also we average 40-50mpg on highway with lots of hills.. i notice with more higher speed mpg suffer but in city it really shines a lot i have been able to get 100 mpg for 10 or 15 minutes using only electric motor to move the car and to regenerate the battery during foot off pedal and braking. Sure almost everyone bash my prius and call it a turd until i tell them...it only took me a gallon of gas to get to work 50 miles one way...how much gallon of gas did your Truck used in 20 miles that silenced them very fast

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