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Kawasaki Mules, Where are they made? USA??

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First, I'm new here, hi ya'll. :-D

I am looking to trade in an ATV for a UTV in the next year or 2. But have worked hard over the past couple years to search for and purchase only USA made products, no matter what it is I'm looking for. Just bought a great USA made hair trimmer.

I know the new Honda Pioneers are being made in USA. But does anyone know about the Kawasaki Mules? Specifically the 4010 models. And if not, what all UTV's and also ATV's (other than Honda) are made in USA?

Thank you guys, and God Bless.

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@admin, thank you, but I am also asking about UTV's ingeneral, so I would appreciative being in a non-brand specific forum. The Kawasaki Mule was just what I opened with as it is what I'm looking at for the moment. Please move this to the appropriate place. Thank you.

@KAWMECH, are you saying they 4010 Mules are completely manufactured in Lincoln, NE? or are they simply assembled there from foreign made parts? With the Honda ATV's and I think the Pioneer UTV's, most all the parts are made in the same facility. Even alot of the engine block parts are cast right there.

But I am not entirely sold on the solidness of Pioneer's design. So I'm trying to find out if other brands also employ equal number of American factory workers. I would rather pay 2 to 3 thousand more for a machine that is entirely made in the USA, than save that money and not support our economy. Because that idea is what has damaged our country so severely, and despite what news says, the economy is not getting nearly as good as they say.

Please give me unbiased view points. Separate from Brand Loyalty.

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@admin, thank you, but I am also asking about UTV's ingeneral, so I would appreciative being in a non-brand specific forum. The Kawasaki Mule was just what I opened with as it is what I'm looking at for the moment. Please move this to the appropriate place. Thank you.

Per request, I have moved this back into the general utv discussion forum. :D

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