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New Cage


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It will have V bracing front & rear and one tube running down the centerline of the roof.

Then I will eventually add an aluminum roof.

The measuring & bending is easy. Its the notching that is time consuming and monotonous. If you look at a lot of aftermarket cages the usually have less complex notching surfaces. The do this on purpose so they can hit it with a tube notchet and don't have to spend much time grinding & grinding again.

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With that type of steering wheel, its easy to move the horn button to the center of the steering wheel, with a few other wiring changes, interested?

If I remember right, I used some kind of a domed washer or piece of metal with a piece for foam under it and the wire soldered to it under the fabric in the middle. When you push the fabric, the the washer contacts the metal to complete the circuit to ground.


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yes, I already have a "cruise control" on mine, what it is is just a dial up the speed of the engine that drops out when I step on the brake unless I have the over ride button on. It also has circuitry in it so that if the spreed drops off or increases, it compensates. It uses an R/C servo for power to pull the throttle in.

Brakes, haven't given that much thought, but i suppose it's possible using a linear actuator that just pushes or pulls on the brake pedal.

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