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Joyner parts and all Chery and LJ276 engine parts

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Hello Joyner owners !

I am working for the company Borossi Motors Ltd. Germany and we are the european Joyner distributor selling Joyner vehicles and spare parts for the entire Joyner vehicle and engine line.

We would like to introduce ourselves to this community and we would like to offer our help to any of you, who might need Joyner chassis or engine parts, that is difficult to find in the US.

Since spare part supply hasn´t been easy in the last years, more and more customers from USA and Australia contacted us. We are shipping parts every day to USA, Canada and other "Joyner" countries.

We run an online parts shop on ebay (with some basic 150 or so items) and on our own site borossi.com you can find much more.

If you have any questions about technical things, parts, availability or prices don´t hesitate to contact us and ask for special prices. We ship either through USPS or UPS express saver, depending how urgent things are for you.

All of you who own a UTV with a 2 cyl. LJ276 650cc Carburetor engine or a Chery engine 3 cyl. SQR372, 4cyl. SQR472 or other Chery engines, we will sure also be able to help you with engine and transmission parts.



Borossi Motors Ltd.

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We do have a warehouse in the US for fast delivery, but no office.

Since you are in a 6 to 9 hour time difference to Germany, it won´t be easy to reach us during our office hours, but you sure can try +49-4188-4444-772

or just send us an email to info "at" borossi.com

Our service staff will also check emails on the weekends and after hours.

Or you can post your questions in this thread, just as you like.

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Your posting is about 6 yrs old.  Hope you are still around.  I'm interested in purchasing brake pads for a 2014 Joyner Renegade 1100cc.  All four wheels.  Could you please provide a price to include shipping to the USA?  Also, a website in the USA to order from, if you have one.

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