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and i was wondering who is still out there playing i bought my 2008 joyner back in nov of 2013 and i seem to like it i ve looked through all of the posts and got some good ideas to start with i ll be doing a snorkel tomm and a few other things and these things dont like the cold for shit my throttle keeps reezing on me

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no it was the throttle cable and back by the end of the cable on the throttle body some one did nt listen to his wife and desided it was a good idea to cross a creek hmmmmm the humility of being married i got it thawed out but i m going to be doing some serious water proofing and a bunch of stuff to it i love it being a standard but it does have its down falls do you run a fuel controler.. and i wanna go to 30" tires and power steering at least thats what i have planed for my tax returns programmer power steering a new rack and tires

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i have the silver bullets programmer been on for a year now throttle responce improved and I am going to start playing with the settings on it this weekend. Tires I run 30x9x14 Zillas in the front and 30x11x14 zillas in rear little ruff on the hard pack stuff but they tear up the snow mud and get me over rocks and hills I run 8-10lbs air. No rubbbing enless at full flex but I changed my suspension too

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Shop Vac hose works good for moving the air filter up to where ever you want it.

And watch out for the splines match with super atv's power steering unit and Joyner's steering U joints, if you decide to try and make one out of two, as I did, post it and I'll take a few more photos and add some commentary.


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sounds like super atv is the way to go .... i just did my snorkel today i did it with a 3 inch exhaust pipe bent to a 90 about a foot over my head ...it also looks like some one put a bigger fuel pump in it stock gauge reads 82 lbs at idle and the after market fuel pump i bought off of ebay as a back up seems to have alot smaller fitting on it.... i think the snorkel gave it alot more bottom end or is it my head playing tricks on my .... bigger air filter ... bigger pipe .... colder intake air ...

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