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battery wieght???


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Ya I figured the stock battery was a lot lighter lol guess ill just put the optima in my fj cruiser haha. Ya I had my rear diff rebuilt by Lenny back a while ago and the front. was driving along heard a clunk then nothing but so far so good. Lenny ran his t2 harder than anyone with lot more power and after rebuild he had no issues so that's what I am hopping for

I love the way the bed looks off it I always carried to much stuff mostly my buddies shit so this will solve that. I had been wanting to change it for a long time took some weight off by doing it. This weekend I am taking the stock light bar off that will take almost 8" height off the top of the t2 and I'm putting a 24" LED light bar under wear the stock bar is. Another thing I like without the bed is now the main cage and back are tied in more strength

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I had my top made by my ex mother inlaw other wise Id give you her info but the divorce didn't go smooth lol. My diffs have held up great i run synthetic fluids in them. Hands down one the best upgrades I did was the 30" tires gearing is way better now first gear you can use and top end is nice to I do a lot low speed riding and its great I dont beat the hell out of my T2 in fact I could probably drive it harder but I got the biggest badest toy in my group so I am Happy

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