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Not sure what happened


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What's up guys so finally got some run time on the trooper. 67here in ma was a great day, so I'm riding along threw the trails some woops some hills little mud not driving hard, go threw a mud hole not even that bad got stuck On my belly pan winched out so I start making my way home and I'm like heck the clutch is slipping now, couldn't climb sh*t for hills or anything endless the rear was locked and using 4x4! Trooper ran great prior to this, so I'm going back and I'm like what the heck so I hit the fire road take it out of 4x4 unlock the rear axle doesn't wanna go anywhere!!!! So my brother is behind me I say stay with me and watch me so I lock only the rear and I can barly control it the trooper is all ova the place my brother stops me and shows me my r/r axle popped off the diff so I only had one drive axle looks like it had been off for a bit. Inside the axle hat the teeth are little worn at the end splines on diff look ok. I run limit straps on the trooper. I popped the rear axle back on with the help of a jack and drive it feels fine I'm worried is it possible I did rear diff damage and has this gapped to any of u I don't understand what happened??? I have an 09 trooper rear diff upgrade by Lenny installed by Lenny so if anyone has an opinion or axle shaft and snap ring let me know

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So once you popped the axle back on everything was good right?

I had my axle pop out of the cv once after I put my new shocks on. There was too much droop in my suspension. I have fixed that and have not had any issues since.

A few times I have noticed the axle hat migrate outward from the diff, but not pop all the way off. I just wiggle it back in place with my hand. The retaining ring is not sufficient enough to hold it in its place. Lenny did a fix even NASA would be proud of to stop this from happening. It required machining.

I wonder if yours vibrated off? Is the retaining ring still on the diff? Are your splines really greasy? If so that will only facilitate its moving around. Clean them with brake cleaner.

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An easy fix may be to clean off all the grease with brake cleaner. This will increase the friction and possibly keep them from migrating off again. Then see if the retaining ring is doing its job. Maybe stretch it a little. Then just keep an eye on them on future rides.

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