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This picture was taken overlooking Tusher Tunnel in Moab. I was using it as a rappelling tie-off. post-867-0-58369600-1402181612_thumb.jpg

The Trooper performed well again--zero issues. Trails we did:

Hells Revenge

Steel Bender

Fins & Things

Porcupine 4x4 Trail

Tusher Tunnel & Surrounding Areas

The Trooper turned a lot of heads with both UTV & 4x4ers. I love driving something unique.

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Give me a shout next trip, how was the weather.

Weather could have been better. We got caught in a few storms. If it were just me or just adults going I would let you know anytime go south, but I always have the kids in tow. It makes it very hard to schedule anything with anyone. I had several friends that were in Moab I didn't even meet up with. We flipped a coin everyday to decide what trail we were going to do.

I was looking to go do Hanging Tree (hopefully without kids). I was going to let you know when I can go.

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    • By pchow
      This just started happening a few rides ago. 4x4 and full lock were working fine. Now it won't go into 4x4 or lock. Took the servo motor off and it turns and operates just fine when I press the 4x4 button and lock button so I know its not that. Been doing some research and people seem to be saying that the slider (picture with red arrow pointing to it) should be all the way to the right for 2 wheel drive, middle for 4x4 and all the way left for locked. I tried pushing it to the left and it won't move any farther than what you can see in the picture. Seems like it's hitting something. It'll move all the way to the right, but I can only move it about 1/4" to the left (where it is in the pic now). Been trying to find an exploded view of the front diff with no luck. The Yamaha parts diagrams don't even show this slider as a part (diagram I have attached).

      Couple of questions. Anyone have an exploded diagram of what the front diff parts should look like for a 2009 Rhino 700 FI
      Special Edition? Some people say there should be a "fork" that the slider moves but I can't see that on the parts diagram either. Is my pic with the blue line pointing to the fork? Anyone with any ideas? Would like to get my 4x4 working again so I can do some snow wheeling soon.

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      Hi all, New member and new joyner trooper owner here.
      Just picked it up yesterday. I worked for it. -40C here in Winnipeg, Canada loading it into a trailer. Unit was too tall. Some ratchet straps, recopricating saw and a lot of F^#ks. 
      Anyway she came with a broken front driveshaft. One of the ears was cracked off. I have a replacement but i am unsure how the driveshaft comes off the transfer case. 
      Doesn't sem to pull off or have any way to remove it. Any suggestions??
    • By Rick McGill
      I thought the problem was electrical but I just found this in the oil filler tube. Does anyone recognize the part? I know I'll have to tear down the whole engine, and maybe I'll find the rest of it in there. Something beg enough to seize up the engine. That was the problem I was trying to diagnose.... 'Cause it's locked up. 
      Thanks in advance.


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      New UTV owner, but not new to motorcycles, worked as Suzuki mechanic in H/S and college, as well as raced a lot of amature MX.  So I am not uncomfortable around engines.  That said, wife decided to get me a UTV for Xmas, and the local Tractor Supply had one that fit the bill, so we took it home.  We only have 10 acres, so I intend to use it putting around the place,  etc.  Been running premium with some Sea Foam in the gas.  Only have 4 hours on it, but so far there are 3 things that are driving me nuts:  1) vibration when taking off, almost feels like loose motor mounts.  I suspect this might be the CVT,  maybe belt break in, and may be just the way they are.?  2) stalls when stopping.  So far it seems to do it mostly when it has not been run for a few min, or after a long stretch down the driveway and stopping quickly.  I put a new stock plug in it, that seemed to help.  I have a couple of Irridium plugs on the way.  3) Tailgate rattle.  I hate noises and rattles.  And as rough as it is when it takes off, it really rattles the tail gate or box.  I have tried to isolate any and all components, but so far have not been 100% successful in identifying it.     TIA
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      While driving unit around it died. After this I was able to get started 3 times but wouldn't run but a few minutes.  Now the switch isn't working. Tried new switch with same results. It appears to be an electrical issue. The engine turns over when starter is shorted. Fuses were changed even though they appeared okay. Do you have an idea what I should check next?
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