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This picture was taken overlooking Tusher Tunnel in Moab. I was using it as a rappelling tie-off. post-867-0-58369600-1402181612_thumb.jpg

The Trooper performed well again--zero issues. Trails we did:

Hells Revenge

Steel Bender

Fins & Things

Porcupine 4x4 Trail

Tusher Tunnel & Surrounding Areas

The Trooper turned a lot of heads with both UTV & 4x4ers. I love driving something unique.

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Give me a shout next trip, how was the weather.

Weather could have been better. We got caught in a few storms. If it were just me or just adults going I would let you know anytime go south, but I always have the kids in tow. It makes it very hard to schedule anything with anyone. I had several friends that were in Moab I didn't even meet up with. We flipped a coin everyday to decide what trail we were going to do.

I was looking to go do Hanging Tree (hopefully without kids). I was going to let you know when I can go.

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