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new battery opinions ASAP

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hey guys I got a lithium battery wieghs 4.5lbs 500cca, 96wh 30ah 8ah. will this work on the trooper it has duel negative posts and positive posts. I dont usually run anything but the radio with the trooper off or a light for short time I never winch enless its running. A battery rep came to my work said I could try it out since they are looking for new vendors

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my battery gave up yesterday, so I took the quick easy way out & went down to the local parts store (O'Reilly auto parts) and got a $114.99,

Super Start® Premium - Battery Part # 51R72J, it fits right in where the old on was.

I opened the old Camel battery up to see if it had a dry cell, being as it was a maintenance free and I couldn't add water and was pleasantly surprised to see all cells wet. It still had 12 volts, just not enough amps to get me started. Guess I got my time out of it, it's an 08 Trooper.

OOPS I cut the old battery up before I got the numbers off of it, if someone has the number of the top of the camel battery, would you please post the for me?



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