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Frame breakage


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If you pay attention to the sound of your squeaks, there is a certain sound that the frame makes as it gets ready to break. My squeak finally quit, the bracket that the A arms mount to completely separated from the frame, I managed to wrap a ratchet tie down around it a few times and pulled it back close to home position and headed for the trailer. I took some photo and they are in my gallery.
After straightening the bracket and welding it back in and mounting the A arms back in, I was adjusting toe in and I notice I had some slop in my tie rod end, rather than just replace it, I ground of the little spot of welding and screwed the top down tighter on the ball and tightened the nut up that holds it to the hub. Greased every thing and it's ready to go, as soon as I rebuild my shocks.

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Had the same prob. Nearly lost my rear swingarm on an uphill loose gravel climb. luckily, i knew a guy with a 70's landcruiser jacked three feet high and a 10 ton mech whinch. He got behind me, lifted my rear end off the ground and drove 20ks to get me home. Felt like i lost my virginity with that one, haha

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