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silverbullet Trooper Wheel Bearing

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We have made a shim for Trooper Wheel Bearing.It goes on the C/V axle and removes the play between the bearing.The next step is a Lenny trick to put lock tite on the outer carry.You will still be able to service the German bearing.The inner race will come out when you need to service.We use Desert Gold Lube on all bearings and C/V axles.It makes the c/v run 20 degrees cooler than any other grease we have used.

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We have new Chery low compression pistons.It is from Chery Engine Manufacturer a top tier part.A complete set of Trooper And Viper 1100cc pistons for 189.00 complete.

800cc pistons will be 169.00.We will still be making the forged pistons for those that want only the best pistons with total seal rings.In .030 to .070


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I'm selling my 08 1100cc Trooper and I was wondering what it would cost to have you do a complete engine rebuild, mostly so I can tell the new owner.

I've also read that the headers were poorly designed on that years' model and I sure like the exhaust on my 2015, what would it cost for a better exhaust ?



PS can you post a photo of those wheel bearing shims and where they go?

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