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2008 Renegade 800 cc

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New to this site, been lurking for a while. Did some searches, but no luck so far.

I am investigating the purchase of a 2008 Renegade, and was wondering what model specific problems I should look for.

Tech forum was helpful, and I am technically astute (hence the name), but have never owned or worked on one of these. I currently own two King Quads (1993 and 1995), and love the drive/differential selection available to me. This is why I feel the Joyner is the only UTV I will consider at this point.. But like MOST makes, there are always some common "weak links" that only owners and users know about.

I was hoping someone experienced with this model could help me out.


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The weakest part is the differentials.If you open the fill plug on the rear deferential look up to see the bolts that hold the ring gear.If it has wire going threw the bolts you should up grade the differential if it has tabs than it has been up grader.This dose not mean you will not have a problem with differential but at least it was up graded.The rear drive shaft should have C/V joints not have universal joints.This will at least some one took care of the drive train.This is the worst things that fails.Cut off the bands off the C/V boots and clean out the old grease and replace with a good C/V joint grease.if you want to ask a question just call 928 344 2117

Thanks Matt

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So if the diffs aren't the updated style, where are parts available to do an update? Or can I dis-assemble it and do any mods to the existing diffs to prevent the common failure?

By the way, what is the common diff failure here?

As far as CV's vs. U-joints, I presume you are not referring to the rear axles, but the single rear driveshaft, correct?

Thanks so much!!

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buy some grade 12 allen head bolts and replace the grade 8 bolts, they shear off. It's in the forum.


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