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All Joyner differentials on sale!!!! NOW $700...Commando/Trooper/Renegade


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At last a fair price on rear differential. Ours is 750.But we do the Lenny up graded 12.9 hardware bolts and nuts to hold ring gear. Re shim and weld pin.I don't think Lenny ever had a failure.We do our best to make older Joyners more reliable.They are just the best selling Joyner's ever.We are always try to keep prices down.Glad to help guys lets hope they reduce more parts prices.


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We take apart the new differential.We use 12.9 bolts with nuts.Joyner only use 10.9 and no nut just screw in to ring gear.We weld the pin in place.Set back lash & shim where needed.To Spec. and little things we have learned over the years.Every thing we need to make them last and warranty it for 1 year.


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Hello Fellow UTV Board members. I am the Matt that is mentioned above. I started working for SilverBullet in 2015 and spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of the Joyner brand of utvs and side by sides. I have taken the time to learn the 800cc and 1100cc engines in and out. I spent almost a month tracing out all 82 circuits in the 800/1100 wiring harness (even though the ecu has like 142 pins iirc). The differentials for the trooper, renegade, and commando I have gone through the trial and (yes) error to learn what works and what doesn't (read as fail spectacularly). I recently ventured into the 650cc engine realm and started to learn how to make that boat anchor worth owning ;) (i still dont know what the little white screw on the top of the carb does...). Now that you know a little bit about my history with SilverBullet on to the the present. I am currently a full time college student working on both a welding technology degree and an engineering degree. So, I do not work full time for SilverBullet anymore, however, when he needs my help I am willing to help him out part time as I have been doing since I started school last August. The community of Joyner owners (at least in my opinion) reach out to one another for information. I have no issues answering questions, or thoughts on ideas, however, I do still work part time for SilverBullet, so for engine rebuilds, differential upgrades, or (the not yet released) supercharger give SilverBullet a call or shoot him an email. As a side note, If you have an idea for something that is just "naughty" like a ported and polished high compression boosted fire breathin badass send the idea over and we can discuss how possible it is.


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On 2/23/2017 at 8:58 AM, JoynerUSA said:

Actually you out source this work to Matt. Matt used to work full time for Silver Bullet until he couldn't take Ricks horrible treatment any longer. All services SB claims they do are outsourced to Matt. He loves side work if anyone needs anything i can put you in direct contact with him. He is a great guy and would love the extra side jobs. Message me for his contact info.


All work done at silverbulletmotorsports. 6 years of experience rebuilding all Joyner engines i have done every thing to these engines.Nothing gets out sourced every thing that is done or sold at silverbullet is done under my supervision.I have sold complete engines and have rebuild hundreds more.I have never had a comeback on any engine that we have rebuilt.We had a engine that had and oil leak last week on a front seal.We replaced it for free even though his warranty was over.We are the best at rebuilding Chinese engines.Matt has work at silverbullet for about 1 year his main job was answering the phones and taking down orders for parts.When you build an engine it is the parts that make the difference. Quality merchine shop work. Using some american parts that we have designed and using Chery engine parts that makes the difference.Any body can take apart and engine but quality control is the most important part in assembling it.Lots of customers call me for advice and i do my best to help.So i hope this helps you understand the process.To Making a great engine and how to make our supercharger 

the best forced air induction system for all Chery engines.I know it takes time to make some thing great and that is quality control and research.I could have had it done 6 months ago but i have found that testing and testing till i think its great.

I send wiring diagram testing tips and some info i have Learned from Lenny.And 15 years of Joyner & Chery experience.

And to answer Matt is going to school its not that horrible treatment that is why he works part time.

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