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    • By Tn. Renegade Rider
      have a new actuator to install, but can't seem to get the old one off. Have removed the screw and can wiggle it freely, but cant get the tube and o ring that go to into the differential to come free. trying not to break it off in the process. Any suggestions besides more brute force?
    • By ERV JR
      Is there a conversion kit to make it manual and engage with a cable ?
      Sent from my SCH-S968C using Tapatalk
    • By elderstang
      I need a lil help guys. I have a 2009 trooper and I bought a new 4x4 actuator for it. It came in and is a 4 wire connector. Mine is a 3 wire connector. Does anyone know how to make this work or have a wiring diagram that I could wire it myself? Thanks in advance.
    • By silverbullet
      We now have 4x4 Actuator in stock.190.00! These have been sealed from water.The grease we use keeps the plastic gear last longer.
    • By Kinarfi
      does anyone have a 4 wheel drive actuator laying around they want to get rid of?
      mine fried it's motor and burned some the copper traces on the circuit board, so I plan to modify it to use FETs to control it. I have my son looking at his RC car motors to see if they'll work.

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