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Larry The Cable Guy Nails It On.....

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...TRUMP! Every Trump hater needs to watch this. Funny, Conservatives put up with 8 years of Poobama, and we never set buldings on fire, or killed people, Libtards don't get their way for 6 months and they are tearing the country apart!



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YUP 4 sure.  Travis you have smart people, just more of them has to vote every election and you'll never see the democrats again!

Trump bashing is done because foreign countries are paying them to. Corruption, kickbacks is at the core of their criminal activities. Look how much the Clinton foundation had to give back. 

Trump can't be bought so he's not working for foreign interests like Hillary was and is. There are always foreigners trying to destroy the west, this will never stop until be bury all of those muzzies.

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