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Draggin' the Trooper down the highway


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I'm sure most of the time, Troopers (&others)travel down the highway to riding on a trailer, has any one tried just hooking them up with a tongue and leaving the tire on the ground?

Probably a dumb idea for Troopers with the knobby tires, I'm probably one of the few with street tires on their Trooper.

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There's no way I would do that with the rears built cheaply like they are....

Figure this it only does 65mph.. at max..

I would want to run over that with it..

None of the axle shafts are balanced or tight that's gonna play hell on everything in the driveline!  Dont forget you will be turning everything complete with driveshaft to front rear....   

All in all I say no way would I ever...

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