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2008 Renagade 4 missing on number 2 cyl


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Hi guys!

Well I'm working on a Renagade 4 with the 800 chery..

Does anyone have pictures of the coil wiring? I need to make sure this stuff is correct.... it's missing on no.2 cylinder..

Just want to check wiring cause it looks like it is stretched to fit where it is....

Thank you!


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If the firing order was incorrect, you'd have two cylinders with problems.  With two of three cylinders not firing properly, I'd expect an extremely rough running engine.  Checking the compression would be a good idea.  Maybe a valve is stuck open; just partially is all it would take.

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 did a quick and dirty compression test and it seemed to be okay but I think it's low I think it was around 1:20 I think that I'm going to do a leak down test but I might just pull the valve cover because it sounds like the one cylinder is making noise in the valve train.

Also the cat came apart and made a very nice plug for the exhaust not to breathe. So although it runs better and Breeze better still number 2 is a issue

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You want the compression to be nearly the same on all three cylinders for balance.  120 is a little low; should be closer to about 135 with not more than 10% (13.5 lbs) variation between the cylinders.  You may only have to adjust the valves to fix the issue (hopefully).

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