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Tired of battery woes....

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After replacing the cigar box sized battery in my Mule for two years in a row (at a cost of about $80 per trip), I decided to mount a deep cycle group 24 behind the front seat.

Bought a sturdy battery holder, a couple of 32" cables and voila!....no more battery blues

I usually get about three years out of one of these. 

Also installed a 2 amp trickle charger.

Me so happy.

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Deep cycle batteries are designed for low current draw over long period of time such as trolling motors, winches, solar power supplies and golf carts.  Car engine starting batteries are designed for high current draw over short duration.  I don't know how your deep cycle battery will perform.  Deep cycle batteries have thicker plates to provide more current over longer periods of time.  Car starting batteries have thinner plates.  Exposes the plates to more electrolyte so as to provide the high current demands.  I imagine if you oversize your deep cycle battery, it will probably work as long as a starting battery would (but cost more).  At least your deep cycle battery might power your winch longer before it can't start your engine.

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Operating a winch under load should always be done with the engine running. Those things draw an outrageous amount of amps when under a heavy load. I learned that lesson the hard way. As to the battery issue, I'd check the alternator output, vs. amp load. If you're using a lot of amps on accessories, winch, lights etc. you might want to upgrade that alternator. 

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