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Snorkeling a turbo on 09 trooper t2 1100?


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No problem at all but make sure every hose on the engine have a clamp on it (vaccum,pcv valve,also make sure the hole where the generator coil wire come out whit the crank sensor wire are siliconed. You will notice probally a 5% engine performance lost due to the snorkel (same story for a car engine snorkeled) but its not a big deal 

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You can get top performance.Use 2" 3" adapter  2 " side from hose than run 3" PVC to roll cage 90 degree up to top.Hose clamps for roll cage than K&N for trail riding.Uni filter if you run in sand.PVC pipe cut and Glue it.Its very important to do.We rebuild 40 to 50 engines every year from all over the county.We build stock engines and Performance parts.We are experts on Chery engines.And yes we build the 2 cylinder engines.We can get you 85 MPH +


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