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Side Doors for the SV1100


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Sorry it has taken so long to reply. We have been very busy with other projects  If we can help with your project let us know.

All parts are available for your Joyner

The brakes on our sand viper were not so good with the larger tires. the rotors are 10". We are at this time using the stock calipers with 14" wheels. Haven't taken the joyner out yet for a test drive.

Power steering works grate.  The doors really keeps the dirt and brush out of the car. We also fixed the shift linkage it was very stiff. we found out the alignment of the cables needs to be better than factory set up. now the shiftier is very easy to shift.

I think the joyner is down on power  compared to the RZR's   Maybe Honda K engine is next. 

More to come .  Hasta





download (1).jpg

download (2).jpg

download (3).jpg

download (4).jpg

download (5).jpg

download (9).jpg


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Yea the buggy won't run with the RZR 1000  with out the turbo. The engine is a little suspect and the trans has no second gear synchro, so you have to be nice shifting from 1st to 2nd. I think the next thing we are going to do in install a Honda K engine. The engine is one of the least expensive and at 200 hp I think it run very well. With the long travel we have the buggie should have no problem staying up with some of the fastest UTV. 

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Installed a Lowrance 7ti
We also installed a new radiator from a Aluminum Performance Radiator +12" Fan For 94- 98 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI VR6 MK3 V6 Thee radiator was 125.00 with fans. It was  almost a bolt in. We mounted the radiator in rubber and had to add a water fill from the old joyner radiator. The joyner radiator started to leak at the coolant tubes. 
More to come Hasta








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We are opening a new shop called Tehachapi Fabrication   We will be working on off road vehicles and custom fabrications.  Engine builds for the utv"s and suspension's. We have been in this business for years but not officially. We have built custom buggies rock crawlers performance trucks, almost anything off road.   We are a repair shop for Joyner and might be a dealer
soon. our number 661 822 8111 hope to here from you guys soon. 

download (1).jpg


64 buggie.jpg

grupe 10 bug front.jpg

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