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Stupid Question Alert!! Removing Hisun Sector 250 Seat?

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How do you remove the seat bottom?  If it's like most bench seats, you just pull up on it to detach the fasteners, but I don't want to break anything if that's not correct.
I've pulled up on mine, but it's either holding tighter than I'm willing to pull without knowledge of what I'm dealing with, or that's not how it's attached.

Owners Manual doesn't mention how to remove the seat.  It only says "remove seat" in a few places.

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Disregard my stupid question.  My dealer answered my email to them from last night.  Yes, you do pull up on it just a little harder than I was willing to pull up without knowing what was underneath.

My next stupid question...  How you you delete a post on here?  🙃

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It’s not a stupid question as the pins that locate the seat can become stuck in the locating holes, especially if the rubber grommets become damaged. I’ve actually filed down the passenger side pin as it would never release without  having to apply excessive force.

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