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2015 Massimo 1000 dying and not starting

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It will run great for a day or so, then it will randomly die, sometimes starting right back up, sometimes not.  Other times it just won't start at all for a couple days then fire right up the next time.  I have drained the gas, refilled with fresh gas, changed the spark plugs, and replaced the entire air filter.  Besides buying a new fuel pump to try, is there anything else someone can suggest.  

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Hard to troubleshoot from a distance.  It could be the fuel pump on its way to the graveyard.  I had a similar problem with my car.  Can't rule out an electrical problem (broken wire, faulty ground or loose/dirty connector) that controls the fuel pump, fuel injectors or the ignition system.  You'll be looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack.  Good luck.  Before replacing the fuel pump, try installing a fuel pressure gauge to see if you have sufficient fuel pressure when the problem occurs.  Or you can connect a hose to the outlet and route to a bucket to see if you're even getting fuel when the problem occurs.  If you're not getting fuel, find out why (faulty fuel pump or not getting 12v to run the pump).  Randomly replacing parts to fix a problem can get frustrating and expensive.


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To check out the fuel pump, it should prime for about 3 seconds after start up, you should hear it. I would check for a pinched fuel tank vent hose, as this could cause a huge pressure lock inside the tank. Next I would suspect it might be electrical in nature. I doubt any fuel injector problem as that is pretty rare. Some of the things that cause this issue would be a faulty coil, or bad pick up coil sensor. It takes fuel, spark and compression to fire an engine.  Normally a stalling issue or no start, to me it sounds like electrical, but check the fuel pump first. You can open up the fuel cap and when you put the UTV ignition switch on and not start, you should hear the fuel pump whine for a few seconds then shut off. If you dont hear the wine, I would think the pump is bad. If you hear the wine everytime, then chase the electrical system.

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