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Just started looking at Cub Cadet

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Hi, I am trying to decide on a UTV for use at my vacation cabin. It's located on a small island (Gedney, or more commonly, Hat Island) in Puget Sound. Access is only by boat. There is a barge (landing craft) that operates sporadically (about . It costs about $300 each way so, obviously, reliability and dependability is my biggest concern.

We have been looking at a Cub Cadet Challenger 550 or 750. We like the features that come with it. In reviews that I have been able to find, there have been some problems with them ranging from leaks to electrical to engine failures. I know that most of the reviews are probably written to bitch about the problem/dealer so I place them in perspective.

Does anyone have experience with them and would you recommend them (or others instead)?

Thanks, I look forward to your opinions.


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Hi there, Welcome to UTV Board!

I'm not sure what to say about  Cub cadet UTV's , you might want to look at the Kawasaki mule 610, it cost about a thousand less than a new Cub, if you're looking for reliability and ease of getting parts.


 I would also check out  http://www.atv.com/

 They have a lot of UTV brands that they have reviewed.



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Hi Mustang:


I've been an Cub Cadet owner for 10 years,  this brand and kubada are kinda the same,   it costs more to service them at the dealer but any mechanic can do that for you once or twice a year depending on how much you use

it.  It's made by Kolhor (german).  with the farm/orchard in mind.  I paid $15k for mine in 2008.    they don't go much over 40 km / hour but it you want reliability/dependability this is your unit.    mine has a caterpillar 20 hp diesel engine

but they offer it in a yamar diesel or gas model.  you'll be happy you bought one,  other models I'ld recommend Yamaha Rhino.


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