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FX PRO EPS LE Side curtans

Bob K.

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Hi All, New to the Forum but not new to Mules.
I am upgrading from Mule 610 to a FX PRO EPS LE. (2016 new old stock).
Added the Kawasaki full windshield, winch and plow. I really want to add the soft doors as shown in the attached picture, direct from Kawasaki accessory website.
Has anyone seen these doors installed on a PRO FX with the hard top?
The notes in the item description says they only work with the full windshield and the full soft enclosure.
The dealer agrees with me and believes they will work fine but isn't willing to commit. (take them back if there is a problem we can't see)

Any words of wisdom would be great.

Many thanks,



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Well I downloaded the install instructions for the doors and it is clear that the doors do not need the complete soft top to work on the FX PRO EPS LE.
The windshield does make a difference because of hinge mounting and the mounting of the windshield support brackets. I am rolling the dice and ordered the door along with the other options for my new Mule.
I will keep everyone posted on the outcome including pictures.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well the saga continues.
I appears the options I ordered are back ordered and not expected to be in until mid Sept. I decided to leave the machine with the dealer until all the options are in and installed. He was ok with that but it seems there is a factory rebate the runs out at the end of this month. Soooo, I have to go in and pay, "take delivery" before the end of the month or lose the rebate. I searched long and hard to find this machine so this dealer is a solid 2.5 hour drive to get to. I don't own a trailer big enough so I will have to rent one.. The end result of this situation is I will have to drive out to the dealer to pay and do paper work, and still leave the machine there. Then in Sept when everything comes in and gets installed I will rent the trailer and make the last trip to pick it up.

So for this thread there is likely going to be a long wait for the update that describes the results on the doors (side curtains).

Thanks to all for the input. I will continue to monitor this thread for any additional comments.

By the way, the dealer has been great through out this deal. I will be happy to pass along the name to anyone that asks. Dealer location is PA.


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Quick update.... I paid, did the paper work and left the unit at the dealer until the accessories come in and get installed. (according to plan) The dealer had a nice surprise for me... He gave me about $150.00 of official Kawasaki clothing and a hat. Really nice gesture. it is really a shame he is so far away..

I found another post where the soft top/back were installed with the hard top. The guy said it worked out great and they only had to make a few small holes in the soft top to reattach the hard top. Interesting.. as I have some time to think this through we will see.....

Keep the tires on the bottom...;~)


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20180816_112440.thumb.jpg.d1dd4c159a909d780c7ca1661102b0ae.jpgOK.... All the parts are in and I took delivery of my new / old stock 2016 Mule Pro EPS LE 8/16/2018! Yaaaa. The unit is all put perfect. The dealer installed a brand new battery. ( nice touch) The winch, Plow Windshield and "Side curtains" all fit and function perfectly. A primary reason for this post is to inform the world the soft side curtains do not require the full soft enclosure. They function just fine with out it. Keep in mind they do not form a perfect seal and I fully expect they will leak a bit and will be drafty. I never expected the doors to close like a refrigerator. You will be able to sit out in a rain storm and stay reasonably dry. They will keep most of the blowing snow off you and for sure break the wind.
The unit rides better than my 2016 $60k Ford truck over the dirt roads.

Another piece of useful information. If you expect to rent a 6 X 12 utility trailer from UHaul for transporting you new or old Mule Pro don't! The opening in the rear where you would expect to drive your machine up the ramp and onto the trailer is too small!!!!
This info is not published on any of the UHaul specs that I could find. I was lucky and noticed it just as the tech was dropping the trailer on my hitch. I had to regroup and ended up renting a car hauler trailer for the 2.5 hour drive back from the dealer.
Also the car hauler trailer was more than twice the cost of the utility trailer.

The dealer is Sport & Turf in Pottstown PA. Worth the trip for sure. Sales person Chris. Really a very nice and knowledgeable guy.

Now I need to concentrate on logging some serious hours on the beast!

Keep the tires on the bottom,  ;~)



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