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Lost a good one.

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    • By chadchat
      I was wondering if anybody out their has had trouble with SEDONA Tires.
      I purchased 4 each Sedona Rip-Saw R/T 28x10-14 and after 1500 miles they are showing large cracks on the side walls of the tires. Some of these cracks our 2 to 3 inches long and a 1/8 to 3/16 of and inch wide. There is up to twenty cracks on two of the tires. i do not dare drive on these tires no longer. Please help as i have lots of miles left on the tread. i store my bike in my garage. SEDONA tire told me that it was a LACK OF PROPER CARE. I clean my tires after every use. DONT BUY WHATEVER YOU DO,YOU WILL BE STRANDED AND THEY DONT BACK THEIR TIRES. I bought these tires from Rocky Mountain ATV believing they were bullet proof for mud, snow, and hard pack roads. I even talked my brother and friend into purchasing the same tires. My brother is seeing these cracks also and has a none repairable leak on the side wall were lug of tires wraps around. I just wish I would have found out more information about SEDONA tire before I made my purchase. I don't recommend purchasing SEDONA Tires.  

    • By M_Harrison
      I need new tires for the 07 Prowler I got this summer, Cabela's has two 14" tires that will match the stock size and I have about $160 in Club points to spend. They also have free shipping on the Rip Saws. Has anyone tried the Buzz Saw or Rip Saw? I'm looking for something that will be good for plowing snow with the new Eagle plow I got last week.
      Sedona Buzz Saw
      Sedona Rip Saw
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