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Anyone tried Sedona Buzz Saw or Rip Saw Tires?


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I need new tires for the 07 Prowler I got this summer, Cabela's has two 14" tires that will match the stock size and I have about $160 in Club points to spend. They also have free shipping on the Rip Saws. Has anyone tried the Buzz Saw or Rip Saw? I'm looking for something that will be good for plowing snow with the new Eagle plow I got last week.

Sedona Buzz Saw

Sedona Rip Saw

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Well I decided to take a chance, got a great deal at Cabela's using my Club Points and a $20 off coupon code. Almost 1/2 price!

2 of 52-4093 SEDONA RIP SAW TIRE R/T 26X11RX14 @ $109.99 each

Will ship from manufacturer

2 of 52-4093 SEDONA RIP SAW TIRE R/T 26X9RX14 @ $99.99 each

Will ship from manufacturer

Total Merchandise = $419.96

Tax = $24.57

ORDER TOTAL = $444.53

Payment Types To Be Used On This Order

Cabela's Bucks = $20.00

CLUB Points = $186.96

Final Cost = $237.57 :D

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Been driving on the Rip Saws for a week now, due to the river flooding we've had here I've been unable to find a legal place to try them out in the mud. When some friends get their crops out of the fields I'll have a few places to test them out. As for street driving they're not any louder than what I had and steers a lot easier. Now that I have a new snow plow, tires, and installed turn signals I think it's time to try and reduce some of the engine noise. Maybe some Dynamat on the under side of the engine cover, I've read it helps.

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