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2009 Joyner trooper starting problems

Whisper Snowbird

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I have a no cranking issue with my joyner. It has a chery 1100. It will click but nothing after that.  New battery. I tried banging in the starter while holding key in start(old car trick). Now the  starter solenoid won't even clunk. Just hear s click fron the relay now.  My assumption is the starter needs replacing.  Any ideas of other things to check? Does anyone have diese block diagrams?  Got no clue what fuse or relay goes to what

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I remember modifying that starter circuit on my Joyner years ago.
Seems that the wiring from the key switch to the starter solenoid is not adequate to carry the current required to activate the solenoid, so I wired it to an external 12vdc relay that I placed near the starter. Next I ran wires from the battery which is close for the relay to supply voltage to starter solenoid.

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