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4 point harness


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Welcome to the forum Bchickness! 

Sorry , I can't really help since I live in mostly wooded, flat terrain, I don't even use the provided belts on mine. But I am interested in why exactly, someone would need a four point harness, in something that doesn't move all that fast? Mountain trails maybe? If so, then we're gonna have to ask for pictures. East Texas terrain is a little boring in that way. Mud, or swamp, is the most exciting thing I'm likely to encounter. Otherwise it's an exciting 7mph. all the way. 

In answer to your question though, I'd think that the rock crawling crowd would know. Personally, if I thought that I needed that much safety, I'd want a racing seat, with hard doors, and a net. 

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On 1/4/2019 at 7:35 PM, Bchickness said:

Has anybody installed a 4 point harness without the back bar?

or did you buy or make the bar?

You will need the bar , some utv come with one like the maverick x3 .  But I had to install one in my commander,  I got mine through  amazon  and it was a dragons fire ,very good productCB6255B4-E68D-4104-A919-9E93E1908727.thumb.jpeg.f0073e680fc70b2abed5b07dd99344e2.jpegCB6255B4-E68D-4104-A919-9E93E1908727.thumb.jpeg.f0073e680fc70b2abed5b07dd99344e2.jpeg47E8A458-E83D-4997-B7A5-131C5A6AF6C2.thumb.jpeg.4a4bb910548c9f12c43c54497b293cc0.jpegEFAFB977-237E-4326-8193-2259C41D4F28.thumb.jpeg.d37e5da01b92443327e63e2f0ad57b7e.jpeg

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