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what is a kymco

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Kymco is going into partnership with Kawasaki and will be manufacturing a series of motors in China. While Kawasaki operates eight facilities in China, only one supplies the company's Consumer Products & Machinery division. I guess we are all about to learn more with Kymco and that will pretty much make the Kawasaki's with the Chinese engine 100% made in China.

Cheers Mike

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I think we are going to see more things to come from China. We currently sell the Team Joyner USA machines and they are a great product from China. Good things can come from China, however so can the bad. Same with any manufactures.

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Hi Art, as it happens I've done a lot of research this week about Kymco and it's all good. They are well organized, have all areas covered and make a quality range of products. A very formidable competitor indeed. Man, they are heaps bigger that would i thought.

Cheers Mike.

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