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Bush Hog TH420


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I need some help with my side x side I just picked up. There are two areas

1, the brakes are sticking. They are not stuck but do not release completely and cause drag. I have pulled the pistons out cleaned them and carefully put them back, but no help. I opened the bleeders to see if they would loosen but they did not. I can take a screw driver and open them but the next push of the pedal and I right back. They are twin piston. I can get seals and pads but they would be about 140 a set.  

2. Limited slip, At first I didn't think it worked at all but I got into some mud and after spinning one wheel for 10 seconds or so the other wheel grab and off I went. I tried a couple of more times and the same. I'm guessing it should engage  a little sooner but I could be wrong. I changed the fluid and put moble1 75W-90 LS back in but still the same. 

I will get some pics of the calibers but any help would be greatly appreciated 

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Welcome to the forum!

Just a guess here, but the brake springs are responsible for returning everything back to the resting position. So that would be a likely spot to check. Looks like napa has pretty much any normal maintenance parts you could want. New springs might do the trick though. If there's no leaks, and everything else looks good.

    I'd probably totally disassemble the brake calipers, and shoes from off the mounting, so it could all be cleaned, and inspected. If you've never done drum brakes before, do one side at a time. Leaving the other side for reference, and take a good picture before starting. The spring mounting holes, are sometimes shared with other things, like emergency brake components, automatic adjuster, etc. You'll want to notice the way their fitted, and which part overlaps which. Usually the springs are a bit different from each other, so pay attention to which goes in front/back. And how they go top/bottom. You don't want them upside down. That's what the picture is for. As well as using the other side for reference, although it'll be a mirror image. Use lots of non chlorinated brake cleaner, walmart has the cheapest. Fighting brake springs, is sometimes a challenge. But don't be discouraged, maybe check YouTube for tips. They're all very similar. Good luck, and keep us informed.

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I pulled the calipers off took them apart polished the inside and reassembled the parts. After bleeding the brakes all seem to be working well. 

But I don't know of any disk brakes that uses springs. they rely on the pressure being remove pulls them back. 

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Glad to hear that all is well. Have to admit I was a little confused with the type of machine you have. Don't suppose I've heard of that one. Course, after I re-read my earlier post, I can see that I was also confused about wether you had disc, or drum brakes.  Lol, sorry about that. Old age can be a challenge sometimes. But I'm glad you got it worked out.

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