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    • By SmilingBob
      Recently purchased a 2020 Tracker 800SX. Found it on Facebook Marketplace in Denver Colorado for $11,800. It’s a one owner machine with 186 miles and 36 hours.
      It has the following options installed:
      BACKCOUNTRY KIT - 2436-972 $1592 (BRUSHGUARDS 2436-632, GRILLE GUARD 2436-631, WARN VRX 45 WINCH 10002695, WINCH INSTALL KIT 100008510, REAR BUMPER 2436-633)
      These two option kits together run $3402 plus installation and tax. So, the basic Tracker 800SX by itself ended up costing me $8398. It has 26x10-14 tires all the way around.
      I plan to use it mainly as a workhorse on my 3-acre place 6 miles east of Cheyenne and as something I can take to town on the county roads if the need arises. Plan to purchase a KFI 72-inch steel snowplow, soft (or diy hard doors), wiper kit, side mirrors, street legal kit, back up lights, and a pull behind rough cut mower. Checked with DMV as to registering it as an MPV and they said plates would run $125. Its secondary use will be a hunting rig, 

    • By Andy Dickerson
      Does anyone know which JBS Clutch kit will work on the Hisun 700. I talked to JBS and he said he knows they sell them to Hisun owners and the 660 kits will fit the 700 but he's not sure which items in the kit Hisun owners have had success with. Not sure if there are any other Hisun forums where I could find this information.
      Anyone here used a JBS kit for a Hisun?
    • By RickinMT
      2021 Hisun/Axis 700.
      I've had some good trail rides with this thing, on some rough roads, although the last two rides weren't rough at all. ANYWAY, yesterday I pulled out of the garage and it clunked really loud, like the clunk when it's trying to pop out of gear... (I think we've all heard that..) And I'm used to it, in both Hi and Lo, but it seemed louder this time but it still moved. I got it up to the front yard and it clunked a few more times, loudly, and then it refused to move. Engine is fine: just no movement.   I towed it back down to the garage and took a look at it today. I suspected the belt and had loosened all the belt cover bolts, but I thought I'd check for movement of the drive shaft. Started it up, set the brake, put it in Lo and gunned it. No-go. Then I noticed the front drive shaft was turning a bit. I pushed the button and put it in 4-wheel and gunned it again and the machine lurched forward a bit. The front drive shaft is turning and it wants to move so I guess it's not the belt. SO SO glad I didn't take the cover off- It's a royal pain to put back on...   SO. I'm no mechanic but looking for input from you guys. Any suggestions on what to check next? Thanks in advance.   So, searching forums.... The symptoms match what some guys are calling a broken "through shaft." I'm seeing drive shaft, through shaft, middle shaft... What to look for?  
    • By Rick McGill
      So, here's my story. I have a 2009 Hisun 700cc UTV. Started out as a freebie but you know nothing is free. I'm no mechanic but a neighbor is very good with this stuff and he's been doing all the work. I'm just doing all the cosmetic stuff. After replacing rings, piston, gaskets and seals, water pump, etc., he found that a circlip and a roll pin that hold the oil pump shaft in, have fallen off inside the engine at some time in the past. We don't know when or how long it's been driven that way. I got it from another neighbor who only drove it around the neighborhood once in a while. Anyway, the guy working on it thinks maybe we should just scrap the engine and find a replacement. I've heard the Yamaho Rhino 660 is almost a direct fit for the Hisun 700. My question is, "how direct?" Will it drop right into the same motor mounts? Will all the connections match up? Air box? Gearing? Carb? Sensors? This one is not fuel injected. OR-- If it's easier, where could I get a Hisun engine? Thanks in advance for all your input.

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    • By Mikeh91
      Machine was running rough(everything is in time and valve clearance is good) it would bog down on a hill then shut off then take forever for it to fire back up. But now it won't turn over. Replaced the solenoid but not getting power to the small plug on the solenoid at all. I've checked everything I could and even pulled the main harness apart to look for broken wires. It never did this until timing chain broke and it was replaced.
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