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Q-Link Fuel injector not working


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I have a Q-Link (Rhino clone) and the fuel injector won't open up and spray. The fuel pump is brand-new and kicks on and primes to the injector but nothing comes out.

I've cleaned and dielectric greased the electrical plug and the ECU plugs but no change. not sure where to go from here. Any help?




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I'm curious, how did you check the injector to verify it wasn't flowing? 

First thing I would do it stick an ohmmeter on it and look at the resistance across the injector.  I would imagine somewhere between 5-50 ohms.  Then I'd check voltage coming to it during start up to see the "pulses".  If I've got voltage, but no squirt-squirt, bad injector.  If the injector is pulsing but not squirting, its clogged.  Either way, new injector.  

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It did click and was pressurized but nothing came out. The fuel pump is new. 
I bought this for $500. It’s been sitting for like 6 years and so many many dummy’s have messed with it that things were out of sorts. I believe I’ve got ever in order again. It only has 23 miles on it. 
I ordered a new injector. Should be here in a couple days. 

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