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2005 Polaris Ranger No Reverse


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You'll have to follow that linkage,  physically follow it. Check the lever under the dash n stuff for obstruction, but mostly wherever it ends up.  To see that its clear, and operating properly.  Sometimes branches, and stuff can foul the linkage. Cables can break, or jam. But since yours is catching the forward gears, its probably not a broken cable. It could still be jammed. I'm always pulling branches out from underneath mine. But it all starts there. Where it goes into the transmission, or transfer case, or differential. Wherever it goes.  Make sure its operating the lever, or otherwise working properly. After that, it's mechanic territory. But you have to eliminate the simple stuff first. 

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Finally found the issue when we got the gear casing out and opened up, it would seem the reverse chain had snapped, resulting in no reverse.   After much swearing and cursing , and waiting for parts, the new chain, we finally had success.   I notice that the grinding sound, which seem to be a problem with a lot of the polarises especially in reverse has now gone.

Changing the chain was interesting as there was nothing on YouTube that tells you how to put the new chain on.  I had to remove both the bearing and the dog engagement face also the gear-33T, 6 face engagement, once you do this the chain will basically slip on into place, you have to do this, otherwise the chain will not go on.   There are some good videos on you Tube that you should watch before attempting to do this.   One last thing, check that the gears are engaging and in the right place before putting the gear case back into the body. 

If I can answer questions regarding this please don't hesitate to drop me a line.


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I have the same issue on my 2008 Ranger.  I'm  new to trying to repair it myself.  So this is a really stupid question, is the reverse chain in the transmission housing? All the YouTube videos I watch everything is already broken down. 

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