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2014 1140 CPX Newby (both rtv and forums) needs advice re maintenance


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I'm new with forums and rtvs so let me pre-apologize if i do or say something wrong.  

I bought a used 2014 1140 cpx, 350 hours.  Its been heavily modified.  Back seat removed and a heavy duty bed added etc.  I call it Franken-Kubota.

I would love any and all advice or "heads up" specific to this model.

I need to do a general service, fluids and filters.  I'm confused, are there 3 different hydraulic fluid filters and 1 engine oil filter......etc etc.

I'd like to use Kubota parts, any suggestions other than dealer?

I just bought a new Kubota tractor so I'm all in!

Many thx

Dave in NC

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I buy Kubota parts from either Coleman Equip. CO., Online or Messicks online. You could also contact them For more specifics.

For engine oil, use the correct weight oil (most likely 10W 30 or 15W30) use Shell Rotella diesel engine oil, that's good stuff 👍

I'm not sure about the 3 hydraulic filters, although if it's Power steering,and a hydraulic dump bed I could see where it might have more than 1.

The best advice I can give you, search Ebay,Amazon where ever and find a Shop service manual, not a owners manual, but a Service manual.

They can run upwards of $60, but it is well worth it!


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