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Big momma has some pictures


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Oh Meg she is beautiful! Congratulations!


Thanks! I cant wait to hold my lil butterball.. I mena look at those lips and cheeks I just wanna kiss those lips and pinch those cheeks! I am so ready! but it feels like forever until i get her!

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I have some pictures like that of my grand son, he is due in january at the end of the month. My son is 6' and his wife is 5' so i am currious how this is going to work out. you must be very excited, very prety name

I am so excited... im 33 weeks and im just impatient now... lol Im not worried about it being long im worried about it having a big fat head like her father! by look of her cheeks she is gonna be a chunky monkey!!! lol or she is squeezed in there too tight... Prob. both.. :) Im due beginning of jan

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      I purchased a new Axis 500  last year . I have about 20 hours run time. I now have a sound coming from underneath  that sounds like a bunch of rocks sliding around in a metal pan when it's moving forward. Anyone have any ideas on what's causing this. The sound seems to be coming from underneath the floor board. Any insight would be appreciated.
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      I have been on a search for the best way to seamlessly incorporate a tablet into the Talon dash and I think I finally have everything set up how I want it. You don't have to relocate anything and you can use this to control your Bluetooth speakers, cameras, run your off-road maps and it gives you MPH from satellite connection, etc. Check out my video for an overview. Also, check out the second video on my YouTube page - SXS Adventures - on how to set up a split screen setup pretty easily so you can run Maps and Backup Cam at the same time. This is on an Samsung Tab A 10.1" Android Tablet (I don't think its an option for iPads) and it also goes over how I mounted it to feel like its part of the machine. I am very stoked on this setup! The app costs a whopping $3.00 on the Google Play Store but it has a 30 day free trial of the FULL version so you can test it out in full to see if you like it. Well worth it! And if you only have an iPad, I would even say its worth it to buy an Android just for this setup!

      And no, I don't work for any of these companies and am not promoting them. I'm just a dude trying to pass on useful info that took me a lot of trial and error to get right and I know a LOT of people have wanted something like this in their Talons!

      I included the links below to the overview video, tablet mounts and even the WIFI Camera I got off of E-Bay for $21.99 (those E-Bay prices fluctuate) which works surprisingly well! The backup camera emits its own WIFI network that you connect to so a second camera would have a second WIFI network but I am working on how to get this set up with 2 and will upload a video once I do. Feel free to follow my YouTube Page if you're into it! I'm always trying to make things better on this damn money pit of a machine! 🤣

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      I thought the problem was electrical but I just found this in the oil filler tube. Does anyone recognize the part? I know I'll have to tear down the whole engine, and maybe I'll find the rest of it in there. Something beg enough to seize up the engine. That was the problem I was trying to diagnose.... 'Cause it's locked up. 
      Thanks in advance.


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