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Renegade Steering Issue

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I have a 2016 R4 and I was about to load it on my trailer and the steering just broke I think. My front wheels are both pointing outwards. Does this mean front differential broke?  I jacked it up and got them both pointing in the right direction. When up in the air they work together. But as soon as I put back on the ground and move it a few feet they separate again. 

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I don't see how the differential can cause what you describe as it isn't really part of the steering system.  Check the CV joints with the wheels off the ground.  Grab the tire and see if you have any excessive play.  I would also look at the tie rods and Heim joints and other steering linkage componens that connect the two wheels together.  It's weird that they turn together when off the ground, but not when weight is applied.

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