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2020 Kawasaki Mule 700 Mx off road Capability

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Please help, About to buy a new 2020 mule 700 MX. For driving back to my cottage which is only accessible by a 5 km off-road trail. My parents currently have a 2010 teyrx which does the job for a joke. The trail is fairly smooth -1 big rock Rock section that you have to climb. A big  rtv 1100 Kabota does it no problem as well. 

I am looking into the mule because of its bench seat. One of my dogs cannot run in front because they’ve had a hip replacement. she also has anxiety and is not fare well on the teyrx. We think mainly because she can’t get comfortable because of the centre consul. We were thinking because of the mules bench seat she would be able to sit comfortably between me and my wife.

my concern is the mules off-road capability. Do they fare pretty well in the woods/decently smooth ride?

I also plan to do yardwork and plough my driveway with this mule MX. I love the size of it as well, Because it will be easy to store in my shed plus tow behind in my SUV.

please let me know what it’s like in the woods/snow (in Nova Scotia we mainly only have 5inchs Of snow fall on the ground at a time)

please help, me with Determining its off-road capabilities. determining it’s off-road capabilities and keep In mind the trail is in good condition. Also my 700 Yamaha raptor, and 400ex use to do the trail amazing. To give an idea that the trail of pretty good.

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I have a 3010 diesel I bought new in 2005. It goes through mud okay. But not great. I haven't been stuck,  but it wallows around a good bit.  Not floating up on top like I'd prefer.

Snow would probably be similar, but in Texas,  we don't really get much snow. Here's the thing. 4 wheeling is a trade off between weight, power, and traction. The heavier a machine is, the more traction, and power you'll need. My mule is heavy (comparatively speaking), and I think that with bigger, better gripping tires, it'd be much better. But there's clearance issues for the front. Even with my lift kit. 

But the way its built, going higher would be a major challenge. So it'll never be a mud buggy. But if weight would help in the snow, it might work out. 

But the OEM tires on the mule are made to be on/off road tires. And as such aren't really great for either. They're okay at best. So plan on new, purpose built tires, and be happy if the OEM tires work well without changing them.

Independent suspension, with lots of wheel travel is best for what you want. But mine was meant to be a beast of burden. Hauling heavy loads, pulling stumps, and a trailer sometimes. Independent suspension, with lots of wheel travel wouldn't work as well for my uses. 

So be honest with yourself, and know what the realistic end use will be. And buy the best you can afford. Buy once, cry once. I would've preferred the kubota.  But the aftermarket for the mule was much better. 20171210_125337.thumb.jpg.8b54f855d6c2c46be71c33da8d6d09ee.jpg

Here's mine. 

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I plow snow with my Pro MX and it did very well although I didn't get to plow much over 6-8 inches at once.  I pulled a snowmobile uphill through 6 inches of snow and did slip some with 4x4 and differential lock on.  It is a nice ride on the trails but not as nice as the Pro FX models with the wider and longer wheel base.

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