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Good old fashioned comedy

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    • By Redneck Mech
      2013 Massimo MSU 500
      So, I ordered an injector for this thing and it was supposed to be the right one. Of course when I received it, it was different. So here's my question, will a four hole injector work in the place of a two Hole, or will this cause issues?
    • By eBird
      Hello all,
      Was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good two way communication headset. It's too loud in my Razr to easily have a conversation with the wife, and want to go the headset route to help with that and reduce cockpit noise.
    • By wsrc
      just joined UB. I'm curious to know your favorite UTV. Recently "looked" at Deere, Kubota and Polaris. Somewhat "sticker shock" on Polaris. Starter model was 13k whereas others started at 10K? I'm a "desk jockey" all week and enjoy tooling around the family farm on the weekends. I have a truck so would not need a "heavy hauler", however, will need it for work around the house. I would also like something useful for taking friends and family for rides(recent grandparent). Any good advice on the best UTV for my needs?
    • By rocmoc
      What other sites & blogs do you check daily?
      Here are some of my sites,
      Any you want to share?
      rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
    • By brostar
      Just saw this on another forum & thought I would share. Open the first photo before moving on.

      What happened next?

      Now, I'm not going to say, "don't let the wife drive". Nope, I'm not going to say that at all. Women are good drivers too. In fact, that took a lot of skill, I think.............enjoy.
      Cheers Mike.
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