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2008 joyner sand viper 800cc Parts

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Hey I finally found a joyner I could afford lol I just bought a 2008 joyner sand viper 800cc I like it but it needs work that's not the issue me being a mechanic issue is I can't seem to find the parts I need like everything else I've worked on I'm not even sure what would work so I need advice from some one who has been there for now the things I need the most are rear shocks , I need the upper and lower ball joints or Johnny joints whatever they are called and I'm sure this had a fuel pressure regulator before now it just has some random inline pump no filter runs good for 15 mins or so then runs pretty crappy but if I let it sit a bit same thing I know it's going out but I need to know what I can do to sub for the factory pump and what psi requirement it has that's it for now any help would be appreciated

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As I recall, the fuel pump pressure on that engine needs to be about 45-50 psi.  As for parts, Joyner sometimes uses parts from other Joyner machines.  For example, the ball joint on my Renegade has the same part number that's used on an S650 (don't know if it's a Sand Spider or Sand Viper).  If it were a Renegade part, it would have an R800, R1100 prefix.  That engine is used in the pre 2014 Joyner Renegades, John Deere 825i Gator and several "off-brand" UTVs.  So, you may find equivalent parts from other parts catalogs.  Maybe an externally mounted pump (would take some engineering work) if the orginal pump is too expensive.  From the parts manual for a 2006 Sand Viper it appears that that machine uses something similar to a king pin with raidial bearings instead of ball joints.  Joyner-USA.com website has some good manuals.  Don't bother to email through the website though.  I never receive an email response.

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Lol thanks for the response I bought the buggy after someone one removed the original pump and fp regulator I have found a usable pump now I just need a regulator maybe u can help me puck which shocks I need for the rear they are real bad I got it good enough to test drive the other day I couldn't even get to 4th before it wanted to fish tail

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I have had some luck with calling Jake Feng at this number: 480-882-9612.  I used it when I needed to buy two wheels for my ride.  I think his personal cell ph number; I don't know if it is still a working number.  Another number may or may not be good:  602-253-0283.  He's been out of his Riverside location for a couple of years+ so that address isn't good.  The address I went to last year was 2415 S 18 Pl; Phoenix, AZ.  There is another address at  PBO Auto Sales 3842 E Roeser Rd in Phoenix.  They've seem to change from Joyner to Bennche rides.   I went there about 8 years ago and test drove an 800cc Renegade.  I decided to wait until they put the 1100cc engine in them.  I don't know what Joyner-USA financial condition is.  They had to move from the Riverside address because the rent was too expensive (so I was told by an unofficial source).  The Arizona Corporation Commission shows that the S 18 Pl address is their active business location as of Aug 2019; nothing at the E Roeser address.

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