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Inexpensive exhaust "silencer"...

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I recently acquired a new 2020 Coleman Outfitter 400 and overall am quite pleased with it. I had the "too be expected" loose bolts (first thing I checked), all related to the final assembly conducted by the pimple-faced kid "mechanic" at Tractor Supply.--the bolts in the upper driver's side roll bar joint were just hand tight, as were those of the upper seat belt anchors--but other than that it had been pretty well assembled.

The included owner's manual  is not current; it speaks of using the choke to cold-start the motor (it's EFI, no choke),  and shows the ignition and lighting switches as dash-mounted when in fact they are on the steering column. It also direct you to remove the seat to change the spark plug--except that on this revision the cylinder tilts rearward and the cylinder head in found beneath the dump bed. Other maintenance tasks are similarly ill-described and it is generally useless.

I did find the exhaust note to be a bit strident and devised the following to tone it down a bit. I used one of those inexpensive 1" NPT female inlet B&S "muffin" mufflers that have been around for decades, and a steel 1" EMT to steel box adapters that have been available for a like time:




1" EMT has an outside diameter of 29.5 mm, the tailpipe extension on the beast is 28 mm O.D.--so I use a partially overlapped  cylindrical shim spacer of 28 ga. (0.47 mm) galvanized sheet metal to fit the EMT adapter to the tailpipe . Bedded well in muffler putty the single set screw on the adapter mounted it up quite firmly.On my first ride I found the motor to feel and sound a bit constipated--so i drilled out the 106 1/8" holes in the faced of the muffin to 9/64". This is a 26.5% increase in area [(9/64)^2 / (1/8)^2 = 1.2656]


That made the difference needed to restore proper flow without making it too loud again:It



is arguably not a pretty as some of the $100+ aftermarket alternative, but at $15 for the muffler and adapter it better fits my budget.Make sure you get the genuine B&S part (# 392989) as the 3rd party clones lack an inner baffle that makes them inherently louder than the B&S piece.



FWIW--I  also  removed the front anti-roll bar--and have found little to no adverse effect on handling (and arguably some positive effect)--it also got rid of an annoying  rattle from the low-quality driver's side roll bar tie-rod end. Put in an iridium spark plug too...



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    • By cliffyk
      I acquired a Coleman UT400  just after Thanksgiving (2020) and find it to be quite different than most others seen on the web--the most visible difference is that the cylinder slants toward the rear placing the "hot spot" under the bed rather than under the seat (a significant improvement to my mind). THe curious prt of this is that neither Coleman nor  Hisun seem to acknowledge  this major design change. In fact the Owner's manual supplied with the vehicle appears tp haqve been written for a completely different unit--showing the ignition and light switches mounted in the dash (they are stalk mounted on the steering column on mine) and indicates that to change the spark plug requires removing the seat (the cylinder head and plug are under the bed on mine):

      I wrote to Coleman and they sent me a what is supposed to be the most recent "UT400-5" manual which is still wrong about 90%+ of the vehicle. Neither the Coleman or Hisun websites are of any use as their content provides no photos and very little information about maintenance or the engine/drive train in general.
      Is anyone aware of when these changes were made, or of any sites offering info re: this latest mode?  Currently I'm battling shift cable adjustment to find better and more consistent reverse gear selection.
      Mine also differs in that the parking brake is a single caliper and disc mounted on the rear differential pinion shaft (this seems to be a "5 brake" configuration I have found reference to.
      Overall it seems well designed and manufactured--the chassis welds are as nice as you could ask for and the castings and  machining are top notch.
      Any information or suggestions as to where to look would be appreciated...
    • By Blackwellok
      Hi from oklahoma
      Does anyone else own  a coleman unit. ?
    • By mcraigchr
      Howdy all,
      I searched the forum (and the internet in general) for this and didn't find anything that looked like an answer.
      I purchased a Coleman 550 from Tractor Supply last October.  Runs well.  Really only one issue that I have had and that is a dragging brake pad.  Still haven't fixed it, but hope to soon.
      For now, it is time for the first oil change (38 hours).  After some reading, I decided to use Mobil 1 4T 10w-40.  I also purchased a filter from motorcyledoctor.com.  Got the filter and noticed that there is a hex head on the end.  I thought "Hey that's nifty, but I wonder why they did that?".  Then I went to change the oil and I know why now.  Which brings me to my question.
      How in the hell is one supposed to get that oil filter off?  First off, it is not obvious how to take the seat base out to get leverage.  I thought about cutting out the plastic above where the filter is.  But decided against it for now.  I tried my best to work within the tiny space given to get the filter out.  I have a number of different filter wrenches.  Only one is able to fit over the filter.  But ... I could not get the filter to break loose.
      So, I ordered a strap wrench from Amazon.  
      In case that doesn't work, I also ordered this:
      My intention with the latter is that if the strap wrench does not work, I will punch a hole or two into the side of the second product.  Put it over the end of the filter, put two screws into it and hope I can break it loose.
      Anyone else experience this incredibly difficult task?  I have always worked on my own vehicles and have had some difficult circumstances, but I always prevailed.  Not this time.  The Coleman 550 b*tch slapped me this weekend and is pointing and laughing at me.
      Any suggestions or recommendations would be great.  If nothing else, just some content on the subject so that someone else who might be having the same issue can find this and get some ideas.
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      2020 Can-AM Maverick X3 Turbo On Ebay

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      Just purchased a 2020 Pro DX  with Yanmar diesel. Had a 2007  3010 Trans Diesel I traded in. My problem is that the new machine is so much noisier  than my old one.
      Has anyone had any luck in quieting down the noise? Sound proofing.?...changing the exhaust routing.?...the muffler? Any ideas or solutions would be appreciated.

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