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Accessory and receiver mounted winch questions

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As I have shopped around I have noticed the  sxs manufacturers leave out things I consider critical like a windshield and a roof counting on you buying extra stuff. 

Is there any advantage to buying accessories from the dealership when buying a new one? 

Is there any general quality difference between OEM and aftermarket accessories?

I also plan to buy a winch and am considering a Harbor Freight winch.  Thoughts?  Also, I've always thought the idea of a receiver mounted hitch makes lots of sense so you can use it on the front or back.  Has anyone seen this done?  Thoughts?

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As far as accessories go,  i believe the only difference is price. check out Sidebysidestuff.com for a windshield or roof.

Those harbor freight badlands winches seem to do okay.  Depends on what your use is for the winch. Have you priced a Warn winch?

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How you mount the winch, would probably depend mostly on what you expect to use it for. A receiver mount can be useful for being lightly stuck, and having an anchor point somewhat straight behind, or in front. A side pull from a receiver could be trouble. Especially if the buggy is buried. Receivers aren't made to take a side load, and aren't rated for that much weight anyway. Unfortunately I've found that optimum conditions rarely present themselves in a winching  situation. I always carry several tow straps, and lots of rope. Along with several shackles, and several snatch blocks. Although I rarely use any of it.

Power cables would be a pain, and expensive for the rear mount. I've found that winches in general are a pain. But occasionally it's the best tool for the job. Although I typically use a come along, and try to avoid deep muck. 

I will say this for certain. Get the kevlar rope, or similar. Cable is extremely dangerous under load. People have died after a steel winch cable snapped.  Cable will fray a bit, no matter how carefully you treat it. Leaving painful surprises along it's length, as you guide it back on the spool.

My vote would be for a front bumper mounted warn winch. With lots of accessories, and preferably a cordless remote, with a wired backup remote. 

FWIW, my buggy weighs around 1500pounds. My 4000 lb. Warn winch would almost certainly need at least one snatch block to pull it out of floor board deep mud. So go bigger than you think you need, if you'll be in serious back country. 

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