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2013 CF Moto UForce 600 CF600-5 54x70x8 oil seal. Auto parts??

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Hello all.

I am the not so proud owner of a POS

2013 CF Moto UForce 600 CF600-5

I just $25.00 on a 54mm x 70mm x 8mm oil seal. Part number 0180-013105. Waited 2 weeks for on-line parts store to get it in. Then waited a week for mail to deliver it.


Now I have all my parts to put wet clutch back together and my $25 oil seal fell apart. Part number 0180-013105.

Call the place I got it from but since it Memorial weekend. Of course there's no one there. Probably a good thing no one answered.  Left message but probably Wednesday before they call me back

Tried to call local auto parts store. They can't find anything. I don't think they have the knowledge to. Can't cross reference by size. 

I just need a local source for a 54x70x8 oil seal. Anybody  got a good part number. I crossed to a timken 24060-1467 but local stores can't find it.


Thanks all for letting me vent a little.




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Thanks Travis for the info.

I'll give them a call tomorrow and see when they can get it here. I wanted to get this thing put together today, but that didn't happen.


This machine has been up in the air on jack stands more than it has been on the ground since I bought it in February. 


The right rear axle was replaced by previous owner but it was the wrong axle. So I replaced it.  Replaced front brakes. Replaced parking brake. Have the rear brake to replace. The left axle front. Rear left outer boot. Then the wet clutch went out. Thought it was just the CVT belt. Replaced it and plug and oil change, but it was the wet clutch.

Got the wet clutch, the clutch hub, gaskets, and the needed oil seals. Went to put the wet clutch back in. That is when I discovered the new seal was junk. CFMoto brand. From same online dealer I got the axles from. So I'm hoping they do me right and send a replacement at no charge. And they have them in-stock. Everything I've ordered from them so far has been  over 3 weeks to get here.

Buyer's  remorse doesn't come close to how I feel about this machine. Can't sell it the way it is. So have to fix it. By the time I get it fixed I'll never get my money back out of it. May fix and sell just to get rid of the headache.  Just venting here.


Thanks again Travis 


Hope everyone had a good weekend. 



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Just wanted to update. 


avxseals had the part. Shipping time wasn't too bad as I remember.  The seals from avxseals were better quality than the OEM. 


You may have to dig a little to find the size of the seal you need from your OEM parts diagram. Then go to avxseals and search by size to get a better seal but it is worth it.


Since ordering this part I've had to make other orders from them. Didn't even attempt to get OEM. 

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