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Hi there swat here .. just got a 06 Joyner 650 with zee turbo ... just goin to say i purchased knowing it needs rebuilt and my turbo is shot . do they make a replacement garret guts or is there a after market turbo that  650 goers like ??? And the motor has extreme blow by

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    • By Mike_Metzger
      So I picked up this Renegade for $4500. Seemed to run awesome. Got it home and was doing some laps with my son when I noticed it was losing power and sputtering at 2,000 rpm's. Almost like its hitting the rev limiter (I know its not, but for sake of diagnosing that's what it sounds like)  Stopped driving, came back after it had been sitting for awhile, and it ran awesome again. Issue pops up after driving for 5mins or so and engine is up to temp. Machine has 1,100 miles on it
      Looks like the old owner may have been chasing this issue as well. 
      -New spark plugs
      -New thermostat
      -New Fuel Pump
      -New Fuel Filter
      -Temp sensor.... Not sure what else... 

      Any advice for chasing this down........? 


    • By rocket100
      I would like to replace the air filter in my Renegade.  Bought a Fram ca-7764 thinking it would work but way to big.
    • By Lance Darbonne
      Massimo 500 wont start.  Pulled the injector and when i turn the key it sprays a lot of fuel, but the spark plug is dry.  What would be my next step?  Valve adjustment?
    • By Desertjeep
      Greetings.  Confession, I’m not a mechanic.  I lent my 2013 Kaw to a friend, almost immediately he called to tell me he was stuck in a creek.  I pulled him out with my John Deere, but now the mule will not operate.  Motor starts great, and it was never submerged, but concerned the high water may have caused some damage.  Checked the oils, they seem to be the correct color, no milky color as some have noted.  But when placed into gear, forward or reverse, it crawls, but has lots of trouble and can’t be driven very far until it stops again.  If I let it idle, I can again drive it a short distance before it repeats itself, stops, let idle, crawls again.  Any thoughts suggestions are greatly appreciated.  The water level was probably 12 - 16 deep.  This is standard, stock mule, unfortunately there are  no lifts.
      Thanks group, appreciate any helpful response.  Especially if you have experience with this.  I looked on YouTube to see if there are any helpful videos, none.  Someone with knowledge of this could make some $$ with their own “How to fix” videos.
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      2018 CAN-AM X3 MAX TURBO LOW MILES On Ebay

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