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Turns over great, has spark, shoots fuel, but it just won't start.. I've replaced starter, starter soliniod, battery and fuel injector.. I have no idea where to start now.. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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  • Alex changed the title to 2016 Hisun sector 750 No Start

Try a simple test....the finger compression test.  Remove spark plug.  Put it back into cable and lay on clean as on no mud frame gnd....away from engine head.

Push finger/thumb over spark plug hole tightly.

Have helper crank over engine.

Good compression will blow your finger off with a nice POP!

Another clue.....everything is installed and crank over engine.  You should hear the motor cranking sound change....sorta like a Whop Whop Whop Whop.  This is the cranking speed dropping during the compression stroke starter loading then spinning faster during the other 3 phases of 4 stroke engines.  Chow

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