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Now what?!!! Coleman 550 no start


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2019 Coleman Outfitter 550, 160-ish hours. Was driving it slowly and it just slowed down and died. Won't start. Pops once as soon as I start cranking and that's it. I have great blue white spark on the spark tester, jumps 1/2". Changed injector, no joy. Changed plugs to new several times, no joy. Pulled injector power wire and tried ether through air intake after removing air filters- nothing! I do notice if I put my hand over the air intake where the filter goes, I get pressure  pushing back at me. Jumped time? Stuck valve? Is there a decompressor on this that could be malfunc?


This is the one I've had that was inop for months and months while Coleman tried to find someone to fix it. Warranty is long expired now. I'll never have anything good to say about this thing.

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  • Bret4207 changed the title to Now what?!!! Coleman 550 no start

I don't know how hard or easy it is,  but i would pull the valve cover off and check the operation of the valves for that cylinder, if you can find a way to rotate the engine by hand, should go  Intake valve, (compression, both valves closed) power (piston going down) exhaust valve opens (piston travels upwards).

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I have the same issue with my Coleman Outfitter 550. I have less than 100 hours on it and it spent months in one of "Coleman's certified mechanics" garage without the issue being fixed. It does not run. I bought this UTV because I have bought Coleman for years because of the Coleman quality but I have lost faith. I need help. I am disabled and spent $10,000 on something that Does. Not. Work. I've tried to contact them about it with no luck. It's a shame, I've never bought anything new in my life until now and I might as well be buried in it because it won't run and Coleman won't help. I have NEVER heard ANYONE say ANYTHING good about it.

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An update- I pulled the box off so I could access stuff. Checked the valves, both appeared to be at the recommended clearance, forget what that was. Then pulled the injector and checked for fuel spray, got it. Then pulled injector off the fuel line and checked the flow, got lotsa gas fast, no idea on fuel pressure though. Checked spark again and with another new plug- good blue spark. I tried giving it a sniff of ether through the injector hole and she fired. did that a couple times and she certainly seemed to want to run. So I put everything back and gave it a try. She spun and spun and suddenly sounded like she wanted to start, so I kept going and it did! I ran it around for 15-20 minutes and got her well warmed up. I still had that thing where it would get to about 5 or 5500 rpm unload and it would die. It would run up to the 6-7K area with no load (in neutral). I was thinking the fuel pump may be weak or the filter on the pump might be clogged a bit. Got looking around and found "The Motorcycle Doctor"s website. There I found the instructions on how to reset the ECU and injection system. That was "Clean the O2 sensor first and then warm it up good, run the engine up to full throttle for 5 seconds and shut it off at full throttle, wait 15 seconds and restart and drive it around at varying speeds and loads"  according to the instructions.  I did that and after some spitting and sputtering I was able to run down the road in excess of 40 mph at about 6500 rpm, which I haven't been able to do since it was new! I still get the bogging, like it's either triggering the retarder in the seatbelt system or maybe running out of fuel. I still wonder about the fuel pump. I don't the gauge and fittings to check it.


At this point I'm further ahead than I have been for some time. I'll update as I work on it.

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      Had this utv for a couple of months and bought it with this problem. Sometimes it will move thru the gears with no problems, but most of the time there’s a resistance to go from one gear to the next. What helps is to give it a little gas to get it to change gears. I’ve tried adjusting the turn buckle connected to the gear shift, but didn’t help.  Anyone have any advice?
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      1 1/2 years ago I was riding along in my 2018 Coleman 550 Outfitter when the CVT belt broken.  Just prior to that I was having some shifting issues that I now understand can be part of the clutch. Finally a few months ago I sent it in to a shop who put in a new belt as well as a new wet clutch (drum, one way bearing, etc and an oil change) He fired it up and it turned on fine, sounded fine and I took it home. It was an auto shop but not a UTV specific shop. So get it home and after a half hour or so it started making some noises with my 10 year old driving it around. I get home and he said theres noises again and I played around a bit. Within a short bit of trying to drive it around I started having noises that I now understand was my One Way Bearing being destroyed. Aka metal noises from the bearing falling apart.   Of course, after the cost of $800 to take it to a shop plus $200 in gas, trailer rental etc to take it in and back (it was a friends shop that was a bit of ad istance) I was quite ticked and pushed the UTV back into my garage and left it for a while.  Then this past weekend i watched a bunch of Youtube videos along with a mechanic friend to pull things apart.  We found the spindle was loose, opened it up further and found the one way bearing fell apart in my hand and the little bearings were already worn, no longer round and this was from less than a hour of use. THerefore leading me to believe it had very quick failure after the new wet clutch was put in.  We looked things to look for damage further.  Nothing really scratched/grooves etc so I ordered a new OEM bearing and we put it in, sealed it back up, followed the specs of everything and was 110% sure we put the One Way Bearing in correctly.    We rode it around for a hour, sounded fine.   Next day used it, sounded fine for a half hour.   Third day I turned it on and let it idle a little bit and found that I was hearing metal scraping again like I did right after getting my utv back from the shop.  Therefore I am 99% certain the One Way Bearing is about to break again (already breaking)   Its a brand new OEM belt.  Nothing looks off on the spindle.   I do not know for sure if the shop touched the inner race for which, in my understanding, the One Way Bearing spins. I know I may be sounding ignorant here.  I am not a mechanic by any means but I have learned a bit with the recent Youtube videos and attempted repairs.  Whatever that "ufo" looking object is, we replaced the bearings (those black things that spin) I replaced the whole "Ufo" lol... as the original had some wear/tear that prevented it from spinning perfect. Nothing currently
      visibly looks off... and the issue is mostly when the machine is more in an idle.  It was at an idle when the One Way Bearing sorta went kaput the last time.  THe noises is at an idle... but if I can get it drive, its fine.  It also affects the ability to shift the gears. 

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