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what can I do to improve my ride quality ? are there any other coil options with a lighter rate ? can moving the shock mounting points with the stock shocks increase travel ? what can I do with the stock shocks, I have a 1 year old, am building a race car so spending money on new shocks wont happen for a bit since the money could be better spent on the race car or other stuff now

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If you want a softer ride and spend zero money, just back spring tension on the existing shocks. This is not easy to do without a couple of spring tesion tools to colopse the spring a little but easier than moving the mounts. My T2's ride is/was great. You are the first who was unhappy with the ride. Everyone else who has been changing/working on the shocks are over the edge type, including myself.

What kind of race car? I have a INEX Legends, sold my SpecRacer Ford last year.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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I agree with rocmoc. To change suspension to make it really right, thus blast through the rough stuff without losing control or getting kicked all over, gets real involving with changing shock mounts, lowering the rear dif and dialing in along with $1000+ worth of shocks and springs. Just wait until that approach is all worked out and then copy someone else and just get it right the first time. Each of us has our own ideas on how to approach changing the suspension but I strongly sujest you follow flatbeds lead on this. I'm following him pretty close myself even though I have to try my own ideas somewhat. Flatbed generally, let me change that, pretty much always, scratch that too, is always far more correct. Flatbed has a long background in suspension from a professional suspension guy along with being a very suscessful offroad racer himself. You also might want to lower tire pressure. I have tried with stock tires 8#, 10#, 12# and now run 14#. I could knock the tire loose with 8#. 10# ran ok but I didn't hit anything major like say hitting a curb straight on at speed. 12# seemed to be the good spot so I added a little extra and run 14#.


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