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610 Kawasaki mule can't get it to start

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remove the air intake duct from the carburetor.. spray some starting fluid or brake parts cleaner (a few dribbles of gas will work as well) straight into the carb, and try to fire it up. if it runs and dies, you have a fuel delivery issue. if it doesn't run at all, most likely no spark, spark at the wrong time (sheared flywheel key) or insufficient compression.

If you get no run when you do that, remove the side metal flywheel cover, and unplug the small black kill wire that is hooked to the coil and retry it, if it runs with that wire unplugged, the kill circuit (which is a ground circuit) is shorted to ground or the keyswitch is bad.... Also, be sure you installed the coil correctly, they are directional...it will spark, but the spark will be at the wrong time and it wont ignite the fuel and air mixture. Also be sure you gapped the coil to the flywheel correctly. should be about .012" gap....... It could even be the spark plug.

Here is a complete service manual from our download library


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Those engines use a decompressor on the camshaft to make starting easier, so compression readings at cranking speeds will always be low. I've found on most 4 cycle engines between 5 and 20 HP, 90 PSI is good, 60-80 PSI has some mileage but still usuable, 50 and below, time to look at a possible causes of lost compression.

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