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2020 Coleman 550 -No electrical activity under 50 degrees.


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My  problem is that when the temperature dips under 50 degrees, my Coleman 550 acts like the battery is dead and no electrical activity at all. The battery is at full charge. It only has 15 hours on it and the same thing happened last winter. Above 50 degrees, starts every time.  Very frustrating needless to say.  Anyone else experience this problem.  I bought it at Tractor supply and they are not a service center and don't know who works on them in the area.

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  • Same problem on my 2015 Sector 550. Full charge in battery.  No dash lights, no horn, no start, no nothing. I thoroughly cleaned every connection at the battery. The bat compartment looked new when I was done. SAME problem. NO change.
  • So I used a known GOOD fuse/relay unit. Same problem. NO change.
  • I even attempted a jump start from a running vehicle. Same problem. No change.
  • So I took it to a real Hisun mechanic who replaced the battery and it started right up. (I couldve sworn I did a LOAD test on my battery. I must've been wrong.
  • I NOW keep the UTV S/S on a trickle starter each time I park it.

This unit only had 300 miles on it when I bought it from a friend who didn't use it much. I'm learning as I go. Good luck.

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Well thanks all for the advice---I put a  brand new battery in and still the same problem. The weather has gotten warmer and it will start above 50 degree's every time. Last weekend it drop into the 20's and it would not even get the dash to lights to come on . 2 days later, dash lights up and it started. Guess what temperature it was?  52 degrees. Craziest thing anyone has ever seen.  

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I am a retired Diesel Mec.  First thing I did when I got my 2016 mule home was to take apart every connection I could find and added Dielectric Grease.  I took every ground I could find, cleaned the metal surface, coated with dielectric grease.  I have taken the mule through 3 ft of water with no issues.  Recommendation is check all powers and grounds.  Alot of issues come from bad grounds.  Also, check the power connection to the fuse block for corrosion and tightness.  Check the connection to the ignition switch for corrosion and the connections for tightness.  This is always my starting point with these UTV/ATV's.

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