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  1. Yes, it was a combination of a bad ECU and Fuse Box Corrosion. Once the owner gets it started, runs fine. Now the issue is the battery is not charging. Replace the Rectifier, got 14 vdc on the battery. Now am only seeing 13 vdc. When I have time , gonna have to verify the alternator output. Then I am gonna have to make a new fuse box, can't buy one as you have to buy a complete wiring harness which is like $400.00 which the owner doesn't have.
  2. Awaiting for new ECU to show up Tuesday the 16th. Contacted the local dealer, they said sure bring us the bike, pay $100.00 to Troubleshoot. if it's the ECU. pay $550.00 for a new part plus 1.5 Labor hours @ $95.00/hour. Said, nope, I will just replace it myself.
  3. Have a 2013 KRF750S Teryx that starts and runs 10-12 seconds and then shuts down. Also , notice the Multifunction Meter panel acts like it looses power. Turn the key off then back on, the Multifunction Meter panel starts up, then immediately shuts down. The machine needs to set for at least an hour before trying to start then shuts down again. [i.e. the symptoms repeat] I believe the ECU is failing but don't want to make a $500.00 mistake The service manual only addresses failing sensors, not the ECU. Any ideas on how to test if the ECU is failing? If it was a car/truck, my computer
  4. If not already mentioned/done. Pull every connection you can see, flush with fresh water, dry off(I used a hair dryer) and fill with dielectric grease, then reconnect. I did this one at a time. Also, while you have the plugs out, spray WD-40 or your favorite lubricant into each cylinder. This will lubricate the Cylinder n Rings and prevent corrosion from starting. And don't forget to drain the front and back differential. Is possible you got water in thru the vent lines if the water was deep enough. A friend also had to pull the starter to clean it out. Sat in the muddy water to long.

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