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Coleman 550 Service Manual

Colby Barron

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2 hours ago, Rich Strukel said:

On my Coleman 550 I had a hard time reinstalling the drain plug and the spring loaded strainer after changing my oil.  This is my first time I changed the oil.  I reinstalled the plug without the strainer.  Is this a problem?

I'm not familiar with the strainer on the 550, but you will have a lot better luck creating a new thread with a good title, than piggybacking on an unrelated thread.

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I'd put it back in, in case of something , a shaving etc. getting loose in your oil system and causes a catastrophe. I just recently changed my oil for the first time and got the same surprise when the spring and screen popped out. I had difficulty reinstalling it also. The screen sits down in the spring so it stays put, but you have to carefully balance the spring on the oil plug as you get it in place. Once you get it started in the hole, press up firmly to completely compress the spring then twist to engage the threads. Once I figured out how to hold it and position my hand and wrist so that I had enough rotation left in my hand and wrist, it went right in. It would probably help to jack up the rear end, once you have the oil drained so you have more room to maneuver.

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When I pressed up firmly against the spring and the plug was flush against the threads, it easily started right in by finger pressure. If it doesn't start easily, then you may not have it pushed up firmly, then the plug may be tilted a little. just don't use a wrench if you can't get it started by your fingers. You're fighting the spring pressure to get it squared up to the threads.

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